Saturday, July 13, 2013

Funny and Dirty Pick Up Lines for Guys

Hi, Guys! Here are some funny and dirty pick up lines for guys. Dirty pick up lines should be funny pick up lines for guys, instead of offensive dirty words that make women insecure. Don’t get slapped! You must practice ways to attract women.

Examples of dirty pick up lines or funny pick up lines for guys

  • ·         If she is angry, say, “Wow you are a sadist. You must like a masochist man.”
  • ·         If she studies French or she is French, says, “I like many things from French. I love French Fries and French Kiss. Which do you prefer?
  • ·         Come here! I’ll kidnap you!
  • ·         Bad boys make you cry but you love them. Can I hurt you?
  • ·         I’m a genius in math. 1+1=2. You plus me is 69.
  • ·         Do you like kids? Do you want some? Can I help you?
  • ·         I’m straight. I’m not gay. You can test my sexual orientation.
  • ·         How many frogs have you kissed to find a prince? I’m prince of frog. You can test me.
  • ·         Are you a terrorist? You always bring your bombs.
  • ·         Are you a terrorist? I felt something explodes in my pant.
  • ·         I’m a teddy bear. Give me a hug!
  • ·         You look beautiful today, like a flower. Are you fertile?
  • ·         The research states that 60% people sing a song during taking shower while 40% of them masturbate in bathroom. What do you sing when you take shower? ( If she say no) So, you must be the one who masturbates.
  • ·         Your hand is warm like pussy cat.
  • ·         You are like the rain, you make me wet. Or, You are like the rain, you wet my pant.
  • ·         If she says,”I don’t like you,” you say,”Me too, I like sexy woman with her big ones.”

When using dirty pick up lines, you must be confidence and funny, just like little boy who want to play with his friends. Pick up lines is not enough, you must be able to play the gender role to win her heart.

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